NAGEL Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH is a German company founded in 1941 in Stuttgart. In 1944 the company moved to Nürtingen, where the Nagel headquarter is current located.

NAGEL Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH is the specialist worldwide in the field of honing, superfinishing, and deep drilling technologies among others.
Our innovative solutions have given our customers a valuable technological edge for more than half a century.
We are located in many countries as: Germany, Mexico, Brazil, USA, India, Japan, China and Great Britain.

 NAGEL do Brasil Máquinas e Ferramentas Ltda. 


NAGEL DO BRASIL has it headquarter located in Germany (Nürtingen), was established itself in 1974 in the Salto city, around 100 km from São Paulo. 
And over these years, it is adding value in the precision machining technology and in the equipment and machines manufacturing, that are differentials to our customers and synonymous with reliability and high quality to the worldwide market.

Currently with around 150 employees, highly specialized and trained under the know-how of our headquarter in German, with which we maintain a state of art technology interchange, we offer also Technical Assistance Services that support our customers any time.

eyond our wide product line, we have a dedicated departments to development and manufacturing of honing tools, gun drills and abrasives, selling them or supplying deep drilling services, honing, sharpening and tools reworking.


Honing Machines 

Nagel is the world leader in the construction of honing machines. We have the satisfaction of delivering to our customers the highest technology and precision embedded in our honing machines. 

We have a diversified line, where one of them will serve you and will bring you high yields with low levels of inputs.


The Superfinish Process of parts is a fine micro-machining process that is often applied to products that require greater precision in roughness, when other machining processes such as fine milling, fine turning and grinding only achieve roughness, required at great effort and considerable cost

Nowadays, Superfinish machines are always in use when maximum precision is placed on the machined part. Knowing that the functional behavior of the components is decisively influenced by the deviation of the machined surface.

Machining Centres

With a modular construction, the machines can be assembled in a wide configurations’ variety, offering the user the most suitable unit for his needs. Horizontal e vertical machining, single and double spindle with 1 or 2 NC carriages, manual feed / automatic (pick up) or even in cells integrated with robots.

High productivity, complete machining of parts (turning, drilling, threading, boring and milling), exceptional machining accuracy with long service life, these are some of the factors that make our turning centers become a complete production line in your factory.

Deep Hole Drilling 

Cooled under pressure, it is normally used for long holes or short holes with greater dimensional and roughness tolerance.

The multi spindles machine development and special machines ensure that this System has a definitive place in series production. However, also in the individual production, for example: tools and molds constructions. 

Deep hole machines offer more rationalize possibilities and machining problems solution.


The mechanical deburring is characterized by the deburring tolls usage directly actioned. Deburring free components - with rounded or chamfered edges are created using targeted internal and external grinding. 

Deburring tools such as brushes, millings cutters, polishing tools and galvanized tools are used.
Nagel do Brasil develops highly automated deburring processes for dry or wet machining of complex components.

Laser Application 

Light as a tool in production engineering - the laser with its versatility, still fascinates all users of this method. Since a long time, we discovered the concentrated light for production. 

In cooperation with our customers, we have developed a number of different laser applications and installed them in appropriate machines.